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I/we certify as or on behalf of the applicant that the above information is true and correct and I/we declare that i/we have read and understood the provisions contained in this application. I understand that the company may now undertake any form of credit check/authorisations to support this application.

The signatories and persons referred to in this application (herewith noted as ‘the applicant) confirm that the information about the applicant/s may be disclosed to Chevron Finance Ltd, its related entities, companies agents, assigns, legal representatives, associates and transferees. Chevron Finance Ltd is collecting this information about the applicant/s to determine whether to open a credit account in our name. Chevron Finance Ltd may not be able to open a credit account if all the requested information is not provided. Information collected and held about the applicant/s may be used by Chevron Finance Ltd from time to time for credit assessment and control purposes, to register security interests, for sending the applicant/s promotional and other material about the services Chevron Finance ltd and it subsidiary companies supplies, and generally to do business with the applicant/s. Information collected by Chevron Finance Ltd may be exchanged with companies within the group but will not be exchanged with other companies other than within a refinancing package under the same terms and conditions of contract. Under the Privacy Act, individuals have rights of access to and correction of their personal information. The applicant/s may also request the full details of every organisation or person to whom Chevron Finance Ltd has disclosed information about the applicant/s. In assessing whether to open a credit account in the name of the applicant/s, Chevron Finance Ltd may exchange information about the applicant/s with credit reporting agencies. Chevron Finance Ltd may also use the services of credit reporting agencies for these purposes. Chevron Finance Ltd will exchange information about the applicant/s with those agencies, including default information and the credit reporting agency may give information about the applicant/s including default information to its other customers. Credit reporting agencies will hold that information about the applicant/s on their systems and use it to provide their credit reporting services. The applicant/s also confirm upon signing that all information provided is accurate, up to date, complete, relevant and not misleading and that the applicant/s are not undischarged bankrupts. The applicants confirm that should any situation alter surrounding this information throughout any stage of the application that they will immediately disclose this to Chevron Finance Ltd.

*Proof of income and address will be required.

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